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Test Services

Shijiazhuang Rainbowlabs technology CO., Ltd complies ISO17025 international lab quality and technology .and approved by FDA and Health Canada ,We can provide efficient ,scientific test data .

Test itemTest item
Appearance Atomic absorption spectrophotometric method
Solubility determination pH
Melting Point
Nitrogen determination method (volumetry)
refractive index
Particle size distribution
Relative density
Thin layer chromatography identification
Paper layer chromatography identification
rotational  Viscosity test
Automatic potentiometric titration
iodine value determination
HPLC test
iodine value residue solvent(GC)
alkali value Infrared spectrum determination
Clarity UV test
Solution colour examination Conductivity determination
heavy metal test Water(Carle Fischer titration)
Moisture test(drying and decompression) Loss on drying
Specific rotation Residue on ignition

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