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Training of Lawyer Gao

On November 19th, Rainbow Laboratories, together with Shijiazhuang Science and Technology Center, held International Trade Laws training. Rainbow Laboratories invited Chinese Enterprises Overseas Intellectual Property Right-defending specialist and Hebei Bar Association Foreign Affairs Committee Director Mr. Gao Xiaoguang and deputy director Mr. Zhang Qian to give the lecture. More than 40 companies attended the meeting.

The topic of this training was “Common legal issues on contract management and risk control” and “Introduction of offshore trade and financial service”. By introducing common issues such as contract form, payment terms, information extract, dispute handling and fraud cases, the lecturers further illustrated the importance and necessity of signing contract in writing, reinforced the understand of international trade laws and lowered the risk which existed in process of international trade. Meanwhile, by contrastively analyzing investment cases such as Shijijiayuan, WAHAHA and Phoenix TV, the lecturer made a vivid explanation of advantages of 0 tax bearing in offshore trade, information privacy and brand effect, as well as how the domicile and capital structure affect companies trade barrier evading.

Rainbow Laboratories set up to provide services for pharmaceutical enterprises. The services include third-party testing, R&D outsourcing and international laws and regulations registration and pharmaceutical enterprises international trade consulting. This international trade-laws training has a great effect on enhancing trade management. Rainbow Laboratories will continue providing services to pharmaceutical companies and we look forward to cooperating with you!